Kentucky Headhunters

Kentucky Headhunters - Dumas Walker guitar chord

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Dumas Walker - Kentucky Headhunters

Intro: G7


Chorus: G

Let's all go, down to Dumas Walker


Let's all go, down to Dumas Walker


We'll get a slaw, burger, fries and a bottle of skeet

G (stop) G (C-C#-D)

bring it on out to my baby and me

Verse1: G

yeah we're headed to the drive-in on a Saturday night

just me and my baby and a six-pack of Lite


got a pocketful of money and I'm rarin' to go


down to Dumas Walker right after the show


they'll be shootin marbles in the back of the store


and laying money down on the floor


[solo - over one verse]


he takes all his orders down one at a time

don't need a pad he's got a photogenic mind

he don't like the young folks hanging around

he's here to let ya know we got a law in this town

you oughta see him reelin' when he walks through the door

the marble king is ready for more


[solo - over one verse]

Charted by Rick Schofield (

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