Kentucky Headhunters

Kentucky Headhunters - Diane guitar tab


written by Jeff Davis, Greg Martin, Richard Young, Fred Young, Ricky Lee

Phelps, and Doug Phelps

from the album "Electric Barnyard"

Sittin' in a honky-tonk redneck bar

Watchin' some cat play the steel guitar

Lookin' for love in the wrong place again

It's a sin

There she is

Leaving with another man


Oh, love, take me back home where

My heart's not healing over

The love I lost with you, Diane

Sweet Diane

Walked down the alleway late that night

A dark man in glasses walked up with a knife

I said "You must be crazy, I got nothing left

She took it all, y'all"

There she goes

Leaving with another Joe


Sitting in the living room, playing my guitar

Thinking 'bout an easy way to go out far

'Cause she's somewhere

Loving another man






Bobby Peacock

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