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Posten on: 2008-08-18 10:25:19

It isn't any ordinary band that can seamlessly blend unstoppable melodies and crushing guitars with inspiration from sub-par science fiction and comic book lore without sounding trite, but San Francisco's KARATE HIGH SCHOOL is that band. Lead by Paul McGuire, singer/writer/producer/one-man studio force, KARATE HIGH SCHOOL readies their sophomore release The League Of Tomorrow, streeting September 4 via Evolution Music Group. McGuire and the band – Ray Bautista (keyboards), Dan Kingdon (bass), Aaron McVeigh (drums) and Geoff Garnett (guitar)—gear up to hit the road in support of The League Of Tomorrow including joining the world-famous Vans Warped Tour. The disc serves as a follow-up to the group's 2006 full-length indie-label debut, Arcade Rock, which most notably featured the underground fan favorites "Good News And Bad News" and "Sweep The Leg." As singer Paul McGuire explains, The League Of Tomorrow is "one complete story told over the course of eleven songs," chronicling the adventures of characters he created in his graphic novel of the same name. "I'm a huge comic book nerd, and I firmly believe that comics are modern American mythology. I wanted to write a record that told a specific story with themes of love, self-discovery, and destiny, and I found that super-powered beings are perfect for that sorta thing." "Inspiration comes from everything, really," McGuire says. "Bad sci-fi movies from the ‘50s, worse horror movies from the ‘80s, comic books, Bolivian literature by Kystenov, 8- and 16-bit video games, Einstein's theory of spatial relationships between equidistant relativities, standup comedy, Benjamin Franklin, Richard Simmons, and the crushing realization that I don't have any other skills." The album represents a significant accomplishment for the vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist, who wrote, recorded, produced and performed the entire album within the confines of his bedroom. Upon returning home from extensive touring, KARATE HIGH SCHOOL underwent some line-up changes, and McGuire, with his bandmates in a state of flux, opted to write, record and perform the band's next album, The League of Tomorrow, in its entirety without spending a single penny in a recording studio. "No money, no expensive producer, no other musicians or anyone giving me a strict deadline or telling me what I could or couldn't do," McGuire explains. As a result, The League Of Tomorrow is an incredibly diverse record. "In all honesty, I couldn't be more excited about the final result and I'm not ashamed to say that I want all of you to hear the record," says McGuire. "Come see us on tour this spring and summer -- we'll be trying out songs from the new album to see how they sound live, and we'd love to see all of your faces. And sleep on your couch. And use your shower. And have you cook dinner for us. You get the picture." For more information and up-to-date tour info check out and

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