Kamikazee - Luhur


Say some people call me the Crooked, cause my mind ain't straight

Leave niggaz leaning to the side, like they need a V8

I tried to be a changed man, but my plan ain't play

Haters forced me, to put a gun back in my hand and spray

Was already dealing with, a bunch of those hoe ass niggaz

Niggaz-niggaz, hated by mo' bitch ass niggaz

Took a fall, got arrested then you bitches got bold

What you thought I wasn't coming back, to bomb on you hoes

I heard the rumors for myself, Z-Ro signed for ten

Here I am, it ain't safe to come outside again

For the record, fuck everybody I ain't got no friend

Nigga remember how you treated Ro, when Ro had no ends

That explain when you see me, why I reach in my pants

Pull out my pistol, let a fade nigga straight bleed in they ass

Yeah I'm back and let it be known, Z-Ro done made it home

Fuck with me I empty out my clip, reload and keep on

[Hook: x2]

Keep on, and I won't stop

Fuck with me, I promise I'ma make your breathing stop

I keep on, with my glock cocked

Living on the edge till I'm dead, screaming fuck the cops


Fresh out of jail, mayn

You niggaz, done fucked up now

Came back, to get my mail mayn

Playa don't make me, buck you down

I'm the King of Da Ghetto

And I'm here, to reclaim my throne

In a relationship, with a chick 4-4

And nigga my bitch, be blazing domes

If y'all fellas, wanna play game

I'm dumping, on every car I see

It's that time, when I play mayn

Brace yourself, R.I.P.

[Hook x2]


It's reprocussions, when you niggaz press my buttons too hard

Then I become a saint, by bringing you niggaz closer to God

Love nothing and slug something, everytime I breathe

Murder on my enemies, I'm the reason they families grieve

Please O.G. gorilla, original girl gone on

'Fore I beat your bitch ass, without ever hanging up my phone

Cause when I get wired up, niggaz get tied up

It be nothing but yellow tape, everytime I r-ride up

T-Ray, we use to be cool and kick it and thang

Understand you was in prison, and missing the game

Understand me when I tell you, if you cross me you could die

Might as well be a pigeon, cause your spirit fin to fly

If you wasn't on "Keep on Watching Me", you ain't a Guerilla

Trying to imitate a gangsta, that's when a gangsta come get ya

Run and telling toy soldiers in your army, the war's on

Catch em one by one and dump my gun, they cease to keep on what

[Hook x2]

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