Uhh! Check it out, yo; it's called, uh, well, uh

"K Sera Sera," whatever will be will be

And the track is kinda in there, so lemme bust a li'l

A li'l rhyme...

Check it out on the one, two, three...

Standin' 5'11", and I'm almost 6 feet

18 years old, rock a new beat

Got no nickname, stay the cool sane

Kick the same rhymes, play the same games

To watch my back, but ain't no vics here

Bring in the new--that tune was last year

In strode the baby brother, comin' from the mind school

Flow from blue Bic, and paper's wide-ruled

If I had a penny for every note that I played

Or if I had a dollar for every bar I create

I guess that I would reckon, "By golly, I'm gettin' paid"

Or better yet, "I reckon it's time to be gettin' paid!"

So I sit and think, "Well, should I pull my Plan 9?"

I'll leave it up to the powers and the stars

Since I'm from the cosmos of another planet, see

I believe my karma will guide me to my destiny

So I flow, not on the rhymes

But related to my shade of mind, or, rather, vibes

Que sera sera, what will be will be

Whatever's kinda clever, what the future holds for me

I guess it's just a thought, though my mind is kinda hazy

My name is Justin, baby

I got my skullcap on, then the flow from my mind starts

As I rip for days from the land of the mic arts

Cream of the crop, a cool, blue beatnik

Blessed with the gift, and now it's time to kick the ill shit

Love to eat the scallops, and quit with the doo-doo raps

Stay away from ill crack, listen to the Fatback

Smooth on a rough track, time to catch a catnap

If you are my brother, I'll be sure to give you much dap

Ya bound to get your head smacked, if you try to illjack

Get your kit from Acme, set yourself an ill trap

I used to talk of vickin', would step and finger-lickin'

But now my mic endeavors have improved over time

Oh yeah, I'm still the same brother who has got to pickin'

So listen to the moody groove, piano, and the vibes

Ahh, and ya don't stop. Yeah, ya know, yeah

And we the sure shit, guaranteed to be the ultimate

Ya got to keep it on to the break-of-dawn

To the rhythm, y'all, ya don't stop

And ya don't quit, ya don't stop

Ya gotta keep on, keep the flow on

And, baby, ya know you and the rhythm is always on

And I'm out...

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