Jonny Lang

Jonny Lang - Turn Around

[Lil' Flip]

Monday night freestyle

Let's get ready to rock

Lil' Flip & Redd V.S. all hoe ass niggaz

If you hear your name you are a motherfuckin whore

Yeah, Lil' Flip nigga

That's me nigga

Uh, this for who eva - when eva - where eva - nigga

Southside nigga

Hey, hey hey

If you talkin about me nigga you're on trouble

Lil' Flex you ain't nothin but a Yungstar stunt double

I reā€”member when they had you at the studio

And you where comin up to me tellin me that you flow

But I was like you can't do no song wit me if I let you do a song wit me what's wrong wit me

You can't rap, you wanna sound just like Yung

Now how many times on the freestyle can you swing and swung

But fuck that, nigga I'm on 35 tapes, I'm on 55 states fuck 55 dates

You ain't shit your mom ain't shit your chain ain't shit

Nigga what name are you on your name ain't shit you claim that shit

But fuck dat you really don't know

I'm the Freestyle King I ain't know Freestyle Pro

I'm a Legend on the Screw Tape & the Swisha House

So when ever you say my name bitch don't forget the South

C-Note my nigga, Big Pokey my nigga

Nigga you out of line you'll be smokin my nigga

You think I'm jokin my nigga, I'm provokin my nigga

One ahead of me is like PCP pokin my nigga

I'll bust a nigga head then tuck him in his bed

Nigga fuck you like Santa I'll fuck you in slid

Wit a AK and choppa, shoot you like a boppa

Nigga I just step on niggaz I smash them like whoppas

Cause they already saw I'm gon win you lost

Nigga if you talk the talk

Bitch be ready to walk the walk

I'ma duct tape you, I'ma kidnap you

If you see me in club I just might slap you so don't

Speak to me don't be tryin to give me some dab

Nigga you ain't eva eva eva bought a slab

You wreck the food stamps you wreck up the fuckin fist

You ain't even got the new tab leppin kiss

So you better motherfuckin stop rappin cause that shit in your heart my nigga is not platinum

It ain't even gold that shit look like breast

Nigga on your next couple don't put your face use your ass

Cause you a hoe, and you ain't go Neva be shit

I'm the Freestyle King I'm in the Screwed Up Click

You in the hoe click

Nigga you ain't really shit

Lil' Flip I blow up in one year really quick

I'm on Hoe Tape

Lil' O E.S.G. you know

Bitch you ain't shit but a motherfuckin HOEEEEEE!

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