Jonny Lang

Jonny Lang - Thankful lyrics

Thankful ringtone on your mobile phone

Someones standing in a welfare line

Or off the freeway with a hungry sign

Someones stressing bout to lose their mind

I gotta be thankful, thankful

Someone just became a single mother

Someone just lost a sister or brother

Its so important that we love each other

And be

Thankful, thankful

Ive gotta take the time to say, that Im

Thankful, thankful

For every single breath that I take

Ive gotta be thankful, thankful

Someones sitting in a prison cell

Wasting away in their own personal hell

Everybodys got their own story to tell

Ive gotta be thankful, thankful

Man, I used to think I didnt have a lot

Now I realize just how much Ive got

Now every day Im gonna take the time and stop to be


Any one of these so easily could have been me

But if it had not been for grace and mercy who knows where Id be

Ive been riding on this roller coaster ride

Round and round Ive seen the up and downside

And Im here to tell you that the secret of life is being


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