Jonny Lang

Jonny Lang - Good Morning Little School Girl

Written by Shannon Brown / Phillip B. White

I live on a hill overlooking the skyline

With a breathtaking view of the big city bright lights

A hand full of stars and a heart full of dreams

Brought me down this road that's never what it seems

Here I'm just another face and just another voice

Just a wanna be that's gonna be if I have a choice

The woman I am ain't the one that I was

You say I've come to my roots long enough


I can't run from the past that's given me wings

If I had to choose between this and what's left of me

Then I choose me

I guess I've come a long way for a small town girl

There was a time I would have done anything

Trade in my soul just to play in the game

Put my pride on the table, put my name on the line

It's a job that I love but it's not my life

Repeat Chorus x 2

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