Jonny Lang

Jonny Lang - Get What You Give


We would like for you to help us welcome a very distinguished speaker

He hails from the DPG

Would you please stand and welcome the one, the only

OG Nate Dogg

Verse 1:

Now I was about eight when I caught my first case

My mother she turned her back and bowed her head in disgrace

Now I didn't do a thing, I was just standing by

Here's a message to the youngsters today: standing by you can die

Usually I'm in the house but today I snuck home

And when I walk down the Long Beach streets, what a lesson they taught

While walkin to the cornerstore a big mistake was made

My big homey I was walkin with decided he needed to get paid

So he loaded up his .32 and walked right in the store

He said "Dear God, forgive me please but I can't be broke no more"

Now remember I was just eight, I thought this was a joke

What I'm sayin I ain't playin, it was funny til that nigga got smoked

Can you guess who that could've been quite easily?

but it wasn't so I'm lucky to be standing right here to see


One more day, one more

One more day

One more day, one more

One more day

Verse 2:

One more day, I'm hangin around so I can see

little Nate have a pocket full of money just like his daddy

Everyday I'm sellin big dope, it's all that I know

I ain't workin and I got a baby so don't axe me what for

One more day, gather round everybody and listen to me

I gotta another story about the penitentiary

One more day, see while I was servin cavi I forgot to think

Say for instance they catch me, little Nate'll never see

Now remember I'm sellin big dope but I'm packin my thangs

and every corner police watchin, I ain't crazy so I'm leavin the game (I'm

leavin the game)

But I guess I waited too late cos they just caught me

Now I'm locked up, every mornin I am prayin for my son's safety

One more day, I'd like to thank you for watchin over my D-O-double G's

and would you keep an extra eye on Nate Dogg especially

I guess I'll just continue liftin from day to day

and if I live to see tomorrow, thankyou for one more day

Chorus to fade

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