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Johnny Cash - Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart

            A                                       D
Through the back door of your life, youíve swept me out dear
       E                                    A
In the breadline, of your dreams, I lost my place
From the table of your love, Iím thrown the bread crumbs
             E                                 A     E A
At the Indianapolis, of your heart, I lost the race.

       A                                               D
In the garbage disposal of your mind, I've been ground up dear
       E                                        A
In the ballpark, of your love, Iíve been struck out
Upon the river of your plans, Iím up the creek maíam
        E                                  A
Now Iím corroded, in the junkyard, of your heart.

          D                             A
I've been washed down the sink, of your conscience
In the theatre of your love, I lost my part
        A                              D
And you say you've got me out, of your system (Exlax)
          E                                  A          
I've been Flushed From The Bathroom, Of Your Heart.

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