John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp - You've Got To Stand For Somethin' lyrics

Written by: John Mellencamp

I've seen the Rolling Stones

Forgot about Johnny Rotten

Saw the Who back in '69

Saw Bobby Seal

Talkin' to the Panthers

Sayin' just what he had on his mind

I saw Marlon Brando

On a motorcycle

He was actin' out rebellion

I saw Rocky Stallone

In an X-rated movie

Called the Italian Stallion

I've seen lots of things

But I have not seen a lot of other things


(But I know)

You've got to stand for something

Or you're gonna fall for anything

You've gotta stand right up for somethin'

Or you're gonna fall....for anything

I saw Nikita Krushchev

Kissin' Fidel Castro

Saw a man walkin' on the moon

I saw Miss America

In a girly magazine

I bet you saw that too

I've seen the London Bridge

In the middle of a desert

Seen 33 years go by

I know the American people

Paid a high price for justice

And I don't know why

Nobody seems to know why

I know a lot of things

But I don't know a lot of other things...Yeah Yeah Yeah


Well I've been to Harlem County

And I've seen Paris, Texas

And I've spent some time in Rome

I know a lot of funny people

In a lot of funny places

But the Midwest is my home

We've got to start respectin' this world

Or it's gonna turn around and bite off our face



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