John Cale

John Cale - Russian Roulette lyrics

They rush him into somewhere

He's dancing in his chains

And the traitor's melancholy

Feeling out of place

And he will have to dig

For miles underground of soil

If the freshmen

Dizzy from turning their back

On everyone started

Well, everybody is disguised

Everybody is distressed

Distrust, disgusting

Well, behind the sanatory

Knocking beauty

That looses out on each and every song

Behind the stairs of blood banks are

The park bench creatures that belong

Hey, John Wayne, he can feel no pain

Cause he's got no brain

He's riding horses to Acropolis and back

Just like a former crosseyed catholic

Like another crosseyed former proddy

For all the creatures that belong

That material safety ain't a safety found in numbers

But they're never getting slumber

And they're never getting

And the gettings are gone

Hey now, beauty comes last

Safety first but beauty comes last

Safety first cause ??? caravan comes last

Sells some short

With fifty ??? full of bullets

For the truncation of the human race

Japan, Japan, Japan we love you

The ??? too


We'll hurry our missiles sucking

The moist vagina of the war

Leave it ???

And Russia is defecting

Russia, Russia is defecting

Russia is defected, is defective, is defecting

What's wrong with our motherland

What's wrong with our fatherland

Here comes the China Ku Klux Klan

They've got black Communists surgeons

In case you need them

They have Communist surgeons

They have come to search them

And they have to come in and search them

They have black Communist surgeons

They have black Communist surgeons

In case you need them

And it rains, if it rains

When it rains

It never rains on the Russian Party

If it rains

On the Communist Party

If it rains

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