John Cale

John Cale - Riverbank lyrics

All along the riverbank nobody seems to know

They heard nothing, saw even less of the hunger in their souls

Safety first or safety last I wish I could have helped

Those poor unfortunate widows standing waiting for their sailor boys

Madame Nhu, yes madame knew

Down they came to look around that riverbank

For names or numbers or anything they could find written there

On the wall

Cause somebody seemed to know but no one was prepared to tell

Anything they'd learnt to love about long ago

And the cold people getting colder

Like babysitters in their graves

Satisfying heretic vicars passing on

Send them running on ahead picking up the wendy trash instead

Like foulmouth people openheart surgery creatures

Crawling back inside of you

All along the riverbank nobody will ever know

What fools and their monies sailors and their honeys

Got stung one evening there

Cause the stones around their necks are the stones on the Riverbank

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