John Cale

John Cale - Damn Life lyrics

Damn life

Damn life

What's it worth?

Damn life

Getting on without

This city

It's just self-pity

Damn life

You're just not worth it

You're just not worth the pain

They'll eat you alive

They'll drink the sweat from your brow

Eating the salt of the earth you'll never know

Oh no, respect


What's respect?

Cause and effect

Self respect

She was the one got left behind

She was the one got lost

Never took from anybody

Self-sufficient at any cost

No, nothing can break this heart of mine

It stands invincible all the time

You always get what you left behind

Seek and you shall find

Seek and you shall find

Damn life

So she's still wandering her heart away

Doesn't even know if it's night or day

And even if someone helped her up

She'd stand little hope

Of recognizing those friends she had

And in many, many ways

Those friends were glad

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