Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett - Trip Around The Sun (no ) guitar chord

Intro A


Here 'em singing happy b(C#m)irthday

(B) Better think about the (A)wish I make

This(B7) year gone (C#m)by. Ain't been a p(B)iece of cake(E)


Every day's a (C#m) revolution

(B)Pull it together and it (A) comes undone

Just(B7)one more candle and (C#m) trip around the (B)sun (E)


I'm just(A)hanging on while this old world keeps sp(E)inning

And it's(C#m)good to know it's(B)out of my con(A)trol

If there's(A)one thing that I've learned from all this (E)living

Is that it (C#m)wouldn't change a (B)thing if I let(A)go

V3 & 4 Same as V1 & 2


Instumental C#m, B, A, B7, C#m, B, E


Yes I'll make a (C#m)resolution

(B)That I'll never make(A)another one

Just enjoy this ride on my

(B7)Trip around(C#m) the sun(B) (E)

Just e(B7)njoy this r(C#m)ide (A).....

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