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Jimmy Buffett - Tin Cup Chalice guitar tab

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Tin Cup Chalice


[Words and Music by Jimmy Buffett]

((c) 1976, Let It Be There Music, Inc.)

Intro: G C G G C G


I want to go back to the island,


where the shrimp boats tie up to the pilin'.


Give me oysters and beer

A7 D

for dinner every day of the year and I'll feel fine.


I'll feel fine.



'Cause I want to be there,

C D Em

I want to go back down and lie beside the sea there.

C G B7 Em

With a tin cup for a chalice, fill it up with good red wine,

A7 D G C G

and I'm a' chewin', on a honey-suckle vine.


Yeah, now, the sun goes slidin' 'cross the water;

Sailboats, they go searchin' for the breeze.

Salt air it ain't thin, I can stick right to you skin,

and make you feel fine. It makes you feel fine.

(repeat chorus)


Yes, and now you heard my strange proposal;

Get that pack gear up and let's move.

I want to be there 'fore the day, tries to steal away

and leave us behind. I've made up my mind.

(repeat chorus and fade)


Chords diagrams:

Em - |o22ooo| D7 - |xxo212| A7 - |xo2o2o| B7 - |x212o2|


// Mike A. Hall // "If I don't die by Thursday, //

// mhall@moe.coe.uga.edu // I'll be roarin' Friday night." //

// // --J.Buffett //



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