Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett - The Handiest Frenchmen In The Caribbean

By Jimmy Buffett, 1997

The Gull Reef Club's former handyman, Hippolyte Lamartine, could fix everything and keep the place running no matter what. Sheila knows Hippolyte, and she gets him to come back and take over. Hippolyte is solving all problems and things are looking up, so Norman sings this jolly song about his wonderful handyman. Then it turns out that Hippolyte is a homicidal maniac, which creates difficulties.


Hippolyte, Hippolyte Lamartine

Handiest Frenchman in the Caribbean

Got the Gull Reef Club sparkling and clean

Bravo bon travou Mr. Martine

Who patch the hole in the cistern wall


Who solved my problems one and all


A genie in a bottle twenty feet tall

Hippolyte, Hippolyte Lamartine

How come mine host is sitting pretty

A cistern full of water and shekels in the kitty

A million miles away from nasty New York City

Hippolyte, Hippolyte Lamartine

Hippolyte, Hippolyte Lamartine

Hippolyte, Hippolyte Lamartine

Get back to work

Or he'll chop you like sardines

Merci Hippolyte


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