Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett - Smart Woman (In A Real Short Skirt)

Suffer the anger of my dick

You endure the rage of my balls

No women have ever won

All whores shall succumb

The battle of phallic shall begin

And bitch believe me I shall win

All the scars my cock left on your twat

Whore, suck it and rot

Crushing, decimate, defile, obliterate

Violate, annihilate, menstrually, sexually

Since now you are my sex slave

Pave way for my fat cock

Shut your fucking mouth or squeal like a pig

Either way shall suffice

Now be a good skank and open wide

Or I'll donkey punch our your fucking teeth

Try to resist and I'll crush your skull

All reprives are null

Violently, intentionally, battering, slamming

Vaginally, anally, orally, sexually

My anger grows with each pump

Soon I'll take a fat shit

Right up in your cum dumpster

Feces and jizz are my tools of the trade

Bow to me you whore, as I make you feel worthless

Sanctify my dick, with the dhe of your tongue

Crawl up to my feet, look up worship my cock

Grab each inch of my meat, take it and choke yourself

Bow to me whore

Days of defilement, from bodily battering

Hours of intense pain, from rectal reamage

Minutes of agony, from asphyxiation

Seconds of inhaling, the gushing of my spoonge

This has been my final hour, violating this stupid whore

This magnitude of vindication, ripping her twat and it's anticipation

Hours of excrement, natural lubrication

Days of reckoning, I am a supreme force

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