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Jimmy Buffett - Sending the Old Man Home guitar tab

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Sending The Old Man Home


By Jimmy Buffett

G D Db G (E) G

They're sending the old man home,

G D Db D (A) D

Back where the buffalo roam,

C A D G F# E

Out in the Pacific, they say he was the best,


Now he's in his civvies, headin' home like all the rest.

G D Db G (E) G

He'll never forget Rosa Lee,


Or sleepless nights he fought upon the sea.

* C A D G F# E

He'll only have the memories, or great books by James Jones,


'Cause they're sending the old man home.


Faraway... Faraway... Another life so very far away.

They'll tear down the officer's clubs,

And write off the overdue subs,

So let's drink to their memories, our heroes, and our pals,

To those crazy Navy fliers, to those swell Hawaiian gals.

The sailors will dance in the street,

Then they'll mothball the whole damn fleet,

We'll only have the picture books,

Of land, and sea, and foam,

'Cause they're sending the old man home.


He'll only have his memories, or great books by James Jones,

'Cause they're sending the old man home.


[This is a beginner's arrangement, so it is probably full of

errors, but the lyrics are correct. It is a great ballad though...]


// Mike A. Hall // "If I don't die by Thursday, //

// mhall@moe.coe.uga.edu // I'll be roarin' Friday night." //

// // --J.Buffett //


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