Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett - Sail on Sailor

I am your one and only friend

I'm your saviour, take my hand

I'm your pleasure, I'm your pain

I'm the demon in your brain

I'm here to drag you far away

believe in me, believe what I say

I am the maker of the way you feel

you never leave the darkness

Deep down into passion

i'm in your blood

Knee deep and getting deeper

i'll numb your pain

Filled up to the limit

you know i'm real

Deep down, deep down

deep down into passion

I'm your shadow, I'm your light

I am the one you never fight

you know I'm all you'll ever need

in your head I'm the demon seed

I am the key into another world

I am your god, you know I'm here

I am more than meets the eye

I'm in your soul forever

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