Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett - Ringling, Ringling guitar tab

Artist: Jimmy Buffett

Title: Ringling, Ringling

Tabbed by: Sean Costello (costells@guvax.georgetown.edu)

Web-archive: Podborki.Ru

??????????: 5

Intro: D D/C D/B D/A E7 A7 D

D D/C D/B D/A E7 A7 D


D E7

Ringling, Ringling slippin' away


Only forty people livin' there today

D E7

Streets are dusty, and the bank has been torn down

G A7 D

It's a dyin' little town

D E7

Church window's broken, that place ain't been used in years

G A7 D

Jail don't have a sheriff or a cell


And electric trains, they run by maybe once or twice a month

G A7 D

Easin' it on down to Mussel Shell

(Repeat chorus)



And across from the bar there's a pile of beer cans


Been there twenty seven years

E7 A7

Imagine all the heartaches and tears in 27 years of beer

So we hopped back in the rent-a-car and we hit the cruise control

Pretty soon the town was out of sight

But we left behind a fat barmaid, a cowboy and a dog

Bracin' for a Ringling Friday night


Ringling, Ringling you're just slippin' away

I wonder how many people will be there a year from today

Cause the streets are dusty and the bank has been torn down

It's a dyin' little town

G A7 D (intro chords)

Yeah, it's a dyin' little town

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