Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett - Pencil Thin Mustache

(feat. Z-Ro)


Asshole By Nature, you ain't never gon see me sweating

Z-Ro the Crooked, AKA King of the motherfucking Ghetto

Know I'm tal'n bout, Southside for life

S.U.C. I'm a Asshole, Southsi' for li' uh huh

Screwed Up Click, my nigga DJ Screw I know y'all knew


I'm all out of space, with my game

Hell yeah nigga, got my pocket full of change

I use to have a pocket full of lint, now they wonder where I went

When the laws hit the corner, I'ma hit the fence

I'm gone, out do'

I'm outtie five thousand, but I'm still blowing dro

On the Castle Creek, or the Vetaven or the motherfucking Ridge road

Bitch, I put a widded up in your wig hoe

Motherfucking, teflon

Or seven point two sixes bitch, all in your arm

All in your chest, or all in your face

Or all in your leg, now your back is in a brace

You riding in a wheelchair, nigga can't walk

When you talk down on a nigga, I gangsta walk

Up on your bitch ass, open your ass up like Vick Sab

With a series of quick jabs, and six slabs

I ain't tripping bitch, open up your six pack

Know I'm saying bitch, lips back

Cracked open, talking that there

But I ain't even much tripping, I couldn't give a care

Cause I swear, I got killers on my team

Riding round, with the infra blue beam screen

Hell naw, the silencer is on the fucking tip

Of the motherfucking, extended clip

I rip through your flesh bitch, now I'm all up in your chest bitch

Better hope, God blessed bitch

Cause if you don't, that's your ass

I promise when I see you hoe, that's your ass

It's still fuck Watts, cause I don't give a fuck

Riding in a truck nigga, South up

Southside nigga, but the Nawf is part of the South too

So watch, your motherfucking mouth fool

Know I'm saying, disrespecting the Don

I'll drop your bitch ass, with the left arm

I'm right handed, kinda ambidextrous

But I ain't tripping bitch, see your chin I stretch the shit

I ain't tripping, I keep the flow going longer

I'm still, on the motherfucking corner

With a square of marijuana, I ride the track out until it's gone

I ain't tripping, I'm still repping for my fucking home

What's up, to the motherfucking Southside

My nigga know I'm saying, I got to keep my mouth wide

I showed the diamonds in the back, so shine the light on them

But I ain't tripping, yeah he got the light it ain't dim

I ain't tripping, I got the shine up in my lips mayn

I ain't tripping, I'm on a sip mayn

Yeah, the motherfucking Phantom red

You heard what I said, I put the lean up in my head

Make me lean to the left, and then I lean back

Just like the Fat Joe, but a nigga ain't Fat Joe

Mo' like the skinny Joe, or the thinner Joe

I'm still a winner bitch, yeah I'm still a winter hoe

I'm on spinners hoe, three's on the Cadillac

Hell yeah I chop your ass, with my battle axe

I'm still looking dead, off up in the lens

I ain't even tripping, you better ask my partna Den

How we get down on the South, we don't play with ya

Know I'm saying, gun talk we say with ya

Peep out the Skip, peep that U-G-P

Peep out that Juvenile nigga, then peep out me

Then peep out the mo'fucking, S.U.C.

We got niggaz like Chris Ward, and that C

G, know I'm saying that's the gangsta talk

Get with it bitch, and do the gangsta walk


Know I'm saying, I'm just fucking around

But y'all know nigga, DJ Screw is the Don nigga

All you hoe ass niggaz, y'all gon mind nigga

Fuck you and your click nigga, know I'm saying

This how I do my shit nigga, Screwed Up Click for life

Southside nigga still sipping, wish you would run up

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