Jimmy Buffett


Get down

Nod ya head to my house bitch

The grove is so fo real

You gotta jump out dis shit

Thow your hands in the air

Cuz im getting jealous of the muthafukas

Who just don't care

But now I speak of my Krazees House

What I found out

Here my leggo muthafuka cuz I just begon

To rock da beat with a dance of renzo

Horror music and I hit a fucking name

Dont smoke as I choke

The terror is felt

Jump out da wicked shit

My muthafucking brain is about to melt

Half way home to my padded cell

To be locked down sedated

And my thoughts of my wicked realm

Holding my nuts kicking horrifing sound

Mista Mista Bones is headed home bound

Going insane

Im in pain

I ain't dead yet

I come from the graveyard

The place where the madman roam

Grab my chest rip it in half and look inside

The bloody horror and you be hypnotised

Prince of Darkness

Son of a bitch

You can't stand me bitch, I kill your family

Who'd of thought my ass is greater then the 7 seas

But when they fetch yo ass like a deadly desease

Still you pled

I stick yo ass and watch you bleed

But do I need

Nothing lets pick up the fucking speed

I hang the bitches of my victums on the second wall

No chance to stall it's time for you to take a fall

My chain will rip line until the next phase

Come to my house and you will just why Im death crazed

When you alone pay attension to my erre sound

Fuck the casket cuz Im going home bound

Home bound

The merry go round

The shots to yo spread to yo head

There's yo fucking blood shed

House of Krazees on yo ass nigga

You tried to loon nigga

Im the fucking rudy boo nigga

Chillin in my basement where the demons lye

Im the same guy you tried to free ball on devils night

But that shit was da shit but na in a sin

Most confusion that you don't understand

The music we breath the right to fright little children

The house was taught to stay away from cuisin

Down my block rocks blocked and covered my shit

Kids trying to know when the house is gonna thump da shit

Damn to those who chose to cross me the ROC

Strike those who ducked the power of the House of Krazees

Bomb to kill of the quick rose to hell

Cuz Im who fucked up

They never let me tell tell tale

So I hav'ta run up the front of the stage and the sound

Nigga Im home bound check it

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