Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett - Coast Of Carolina guitar chord

Coast Of Carolina - Jimmy Buffett

Album: License To Chill

**Capo 2**

Intro: D C-G (x3) D

Em C G

Little road side resturaunt we artfully complain

Em C G

Groovy tells the waitress that his chicken died in vein

Em C D

Most every day goes by according to design

Em7 D/F#

I live this dream but still it seems


I have you on my mind


G D A Bm A

From the bottom of my heart off the Coast of Carolina

G D Bm7 A

After 1 or 2 false starts I believe we found our stride

G D/F#

And the walls that won't come down

A Bm A G D/F#

We can decorate or climb or find someway to get around

A Em D/F# G A D (Em last chorus)

Cause I'm still on your side, from the bottom of my heart

(repeat intro)

Verse 2:

I can't see the future but I know it's coming fast

It's not that hard to wind up knee deep in the past

It's come a lot of Mondays since the phone booth that 1st night

The years and miles the tears and smiles

I want to get it right


Break: A C Em G

A C Em A

Em G D A

Verse 3:

These days I'm up about the time i used to go to bed

Living large in once the deal now I watch the stars instead

Timeless and predictable unlike most things that I do

But I tell the wind and my old friend

That I'm headed home to you


D/F# G A D

From the bottom of my heart

(repeat intro)


A = x02220

Bm = x24432(bar chord) or xx4432

Bm7 = x24232(bar chord)

C = x32010

D = xx0232

D/F#= 200232 (hold down bottom string with thumb)

Em = 022000

Em7 = 020000

G = 320003

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