Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix - Catfish Blues lyrics

Well I wish, I was a catfish<br>Swimin' in the, the deep blue sea<br>I have all you pretty women<br>Fishin' after me<br>Showin' up after me<br>Oh well<br>Ow well<br>Oh yeah<br>Oh yeah<br><br>Well I went down<br>To my girlfriends house<br>And I sat alone on her front step<br>And she said a come in outcha man and just your love<br>I just now left<br>I just now left<br>And I say<br>Who yeah<br>She said sure enough you did<br>Who yeah<br>Who yeah<br>Who yeah<br>Oh yeah<br><br>Yeah,<br>Well there's two<br>Two trains runnin'<br>But there's not a one that's goin' my way<br>You know there's a, one train running at midnight<br>The other one leave just for day<br>Leave just for day<br>Oh well<br>Yeah<br><br>I role and I tumble<br>Practicly all night long<br>I role and I tumble<br>Practicly all night long<br>Well, my baby don't treat me well<br>? ? <br>Yeah

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