Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower lyrics

All Along The Watchtower Trk 5

(Bob Dylan)

Jimi Hendrix

Recorded: Olympic Studios, London Jan 21, 1968.

Record Plant May 1968. Producer: Jimi Hendrix.

Engineer: Eddie Kramer. Jimi Hendrix - vocal, guitars & bass.

Mitch Mitchell - drums, percussion.

Dave Mason - acoustic guitar 12 string.

Pop Chart #20 Sept 21, 1968 Reprise single 0767

Album: Best Of Jimi Hendrix MCAD 11671

by MCA Records, CA. 1997

Transcriber: Awcantor@aol.com

<guitar intro>

There must be some kinda way outta here (trust me)

Said the joker to the thief

There's too much confusion (don't listen to him)

I can't get no relief

Businessmen they-a drink my wine

Plowman dig my earth

None will level on the line (ain't seen any)

Nobody of it is worth


unk 1 <watch Jimi's guitar it's backwards>

(guitar & intrumental)

<coming in>

No reason to get excited (thief he don't know)

The thief he kindly spoke

There are many here among us (we didn't do anything)

Who feel that life is but a joke <but-a>

But you and I we've been through that

<say you need some proof>

And this is not all fate (turn off)

So let us not talk falsely now <don't turn it off>

The hours getting late


(guitar & instrumental)

Hey! <wah-wah>

All along the watchtower

Princes kept the view

While all the women came and went

Barefoot servants, too <m.f'.r bought it>

Outside in the cold distance

A wildcat did growl

Two riders were approaching <let em in>

And the wind begin to howl


(guitar & instrumental)

Unk<fuck you, I ain't gon play my part>

<I'll quit fadin>

Jimi: <muther fucker, watchtower!>

<5,000 people seen him>


All along the watchtower.


Note - background comments:

Unk 1. British male.

Unk 2. male

Unk 3. male

Thanks to Awcantor@aol.com for correcting these lyrics

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