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Amsterdam canals Johnny Cash is never coming back
Heard it on the walls, broken hearts will remember
Riding into town its a heavy load keeps you right down a bumpy ride into the centre of things
Roll along the stones to water flow running through this life I know, To what I meant to be
Amsterdam Canals Johnny Cash is singing September
How can you know, how can you know my soul
Count the steps down into the street the saddest sound in history love is carried away
I see you watching love where lovers meet get your mind back see the past is just a beautiful thing
Amsterdam Canals Johnny Cash is never coming back
Heard it on the waves, oh, oh oh they're playing our songs
Come on sadness we'll take the long way round,
We'll take all the time we need to see the beautiful things,
I want to roll along this way til I can figure out what's worse,
What I lost, what I lack, or what I'll never have
Amsterdam canals, Johnny Cash is singing September
Smooth the sails, may the warm winds bring us closer
to Amsterdam, to Amsterdam Canals, to Amsterdam
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