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[Verse 1:]
It's like a flood, heads rush when the doors open
The record stores stack they shelves with the most potent
With the commotion
Of a firearm shot in the air
Niggaz scramble, like mammals from the front to the rear
Son you gotta get there
Before the shit sold out
Ask your man if its dope and he like "no doubt"
This niggaz got lyrics yo a stupid amount
So many compliments I fuckin' lost count
So many continents enjoy the sound
When I'm clowning the beat
I bring the heat
Of the Cannibus and LL beef
My records leaked
So what! another one will fallow
And that's the shit that niggaz find hard to swallow
Nigga hollow like points
So they stay on the shelves
I'm so full of my self
That my shit gon sell
My soundscans, won't get me on your top 40
I'm in the laboratory
Create a category, for that
You niggaz bore me with raps, so translucent
Get the cash, get the loot and
The new movement
It's been proving
loop it, add drums to the set
If it ain't broke then don't try and fix it

What the fuck you think you get
I'm the ultimate
The culprit
Of the sound that be murdering decks
An artifact is my depth
Check my 12 inches
And heads rush to LP's for the rest

[Verse 2:]
So many years aching
Just for the bread and bacon
Niggaz flaking/
Now I'm making
It's so breathtaking
DL is like a hit in the making
I went from 8 bits to a Sony Playstation
Niggaz pray for they time not to be up
They see me and they freeze up
They know the futures here
Nigga read up
News, mags and wired
They herd of the messiah
What you coke'd up like Richard Prior
You fuckin' liar
So you get the gas face
Like 3rd bass
Plus you get the ash tray
Niggaz so passť
Don't mistake my confidence for being conceded
I'm a humble type of cat when we meeting
Niggaz know I'm cool in person
On tracks give beatings
I drop jewels like the coliseum
A 740 I is BM
AM becomes the PM
PM could be the last night to you breathing
Give you something to believe in
Real hip-hop duke
From the clothes to the jeans to the boots to the crews
From the first shell shot
To shell toed shoe
I'll show niggaz if they ain't got a clue

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