Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz - Did I Fool Ya?


Make it the funkiest (Make it the funkiest)

Make it the funkiest (Make it the funkiest)

Make it the funkiest (Make it the funkiest)

Ooh, whoa, ooh

[Verse 1]

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I'll bring more, much more to the board

I'll draw guns, be the first slingin' mud

Whole lotta women and even old men

See me on the streets say when you gonna hit up

Wild rappers out there still tryin' to get up

But I'll take ya boys way back, straight back

Pull over near Lex, smoke roast of the fifth

When I was nice now that I'm older I'm nicer

Niggas line up, ya might as well sign up

Cause this here blast is good for that ass

My predicitons WHAT visit Japan WHAT

Been to Africa WHAT sit down and feel that gut

Went to Puerto Rico with my man Fat Joe

And the infamous Louie Crack

I know he got my back

New York got sweet guns, got the smoke spots

Give it I'm stashin' fuck it I'm smashin'

All newcomers are goin' down this Summer

Cause the X right here run this shit

I'm as peace as peace can get

Out standin' in the Atlantic just to get my feet wet

Went to Roller Bear club, give the girl the real rub

But girls yell sexual harassment

But you go out, cage is ripped up in blades


[Verse 2]

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Women see the men hit the the grind on the dance floor

If ya can handle that then unleash funky way

And if ya can handle that then get the hell outta here

This ain't the place to be joined with ya wife's affair

Now girls stay in line everyone is how I thought of

Parents watch the pack cause one could be ya daughter

I'll take a penny for those who sound silly

Skinny man carries the fire hose

Looks can be deceiving can't ya tell with ya clothes

It's all there, lucky I swear

Will appear from the rear, grab ya ear then I'm outta here

Hit the horn before the male goes group

Ellie gas is my style of past

Now I'ma run on this beat, whippin' out rude cations

Manhattan location and there ain't no vacation

So stay on ya guard, ya ought to be safe

But if approached and large

Ya walk around and think ya whole life is stars

I'm reachin' I'm strugglin'

I'm tired of jugglin'

I'm reachin' I'm reachin' I'm climbin' I'm climbin'

No one in the world got this style of rhymin'

Check it out

Old enough to know New York's about to blow

Roll with the home team, Ross gorilla family

Lay on sheets of satin

In the heart of black Manhattan

Now new style runnin' with the park rangers

Hate to break down the whole gate

People often see me in jams

They be thinkin' I'm high

Nah that just be my lazy eye

But I can't front, sometimes I be chiefin'

Ya hear that, girl at the bar wanna taste wanna hear that

No I didn't come to this here with no gun

I just got my lil' army, I just got my lil' army

It's like yubba over there and yuba over there

I think she should split when I decide to appear

WHAT I wanna see her stay and her jam

Army protect me the king that I am

Ya girlfriend was slammed cause she fronted on my man

And when she did that it was Hell up in Harlem

I'll take the loot but I can pass on the stardom

This is just a lil' verse for y'all to get wet

A lil' something showin' soon I'm a threat

You can bet yo, and you bet I'm gon' make ya head get wet

Make it the funkiest


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