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Artist: Jason Mraz
Title: The Remedy (Acoustic)
Album: Waiting for My Rocket to Come
Tabbed by: Arbie Glenn Pineda supersgt2002@yahoo.com

This is a great acoustic song, and I'm sure Jason Mraz plays this differently
in his albums, the way he usually does. This song is fairly easy and fun to 
play as well. Which is why I've tabbed this acoustic solo as he no doubt 
varies the chords. I'm confident this is accurate.

Intro 1: G, Eb, Bb, F, C, G5, D, Eb, F (pause)
	G - 355xxx
	Eb- 688(8)x
	Bb- x133(3)x
	F - xx356x
	C - x355xx
	G5- x557xx
	D - x577xx
Verse: G, C, F, Bb
	F - 1332xx
Chorus: Bb, Eb, F, G, D, Eb, F
	G - xx578x
Bridge1: G, Eb, Bb, F
Bridge2: Bb, Eb, Ab, Db
	Ab - 466(5)xx
	Db - x466xx

There you go. The progression is inro-chorus-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-
bridge2-chorus. If you want to closely emulate Mraz's style, then consider THESE
	INTRO: the chord progression from C to G5 in the intro is actually just
	   a single-strum slide; the parenthesized note in Bb is a hammer on from
	   the first fret (x1331x hammer on to x1333x)
	VER/CHO: G's and F's have varied chord voicings throughout the
	   song, so pay close attention to the tab 
	BRIDGE1: (when i fall in love...), use the G chord in the chorus and the 
	   F chord in the intro
 	BRIDGE2: (the remedy...) right after bridge1; note in parenthesis is optional.

Most importantly... listen to the song for study!
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