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Jason Mraz
No Stopping Us
album: Waiting for my Rocket to Come
This prob isn’t exactly perfect but its real close.  Tight song too
capo 1, all chords relative to capo
intro and verse
two chords
1st: Gmaj7                        320032
2nd: Cadd9dim (I think)      x32032
pre chorus – the “try- ah- ah- ai” “lie down on the job” part
Bm7   Bbm7  Am7
and then on “cuz once we hit the top” hit this chord
C7sus2         x35333
then the “meet me at the station part goes like this”
Bb  B C  (use bar chords)   and only use the B as a transition between the Bb and C
then on the “promise to make it worth your while”
go to an open D on “while” then go back into the verse.
not a hard song but its got some cool chord progressions.  Peace
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