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Sensations of spasms come and get me 
Another day here it's coming on
They provoked my meat with nastiness and oppression
Let's go to the extreme
Something sweetness takes my mind.
Nasty fluids flowing high
I feel it,
It makes me fly
Their evil are on my face,
We have distorted this shaking relationship
The hate between us it's increasing be taken ill me
We can't stop this grief
Hate rules our lives
Waiting for the chance to kill
So why life is changing in this spoiled place
Hands seeking food
Hands seeking blood
Come here and fight
I know you're here just to fight

Degrading life passes,
Nothing stops violence
Grows-up like neglegect
The rancor seems will never end
Bullets and knifes
Blood and distrust
Lie to me
My instincts are arising
Lie to me,
The anger takes my mind.
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