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Jamelia: Motherhood Made Me Forget Lyrics

Posten on: 2008-10-24 06:34:54

British R&B singer JAMELIA blames motherhood for forgetting her lyrics onstage. The star hadn't performed live for two years after becoming a full-time mother to young children Teja and Tiani before she took to the stage in London last week. According to reports, she was so nervous she continually forgot the words to her songs. Jamelia says, "I am 100 per cent proof that pregnancy and motherhood make your brain go a bit mad. After having Teja my memory went really bad and after having Tiani I'm just all over the place. "It's not just words I forget, it's birthdays and things like that. I am notorious for forgetting my lines when I sing. I do it practically every live show but I've never had it to the extent I did the other night. I was totally taken over by nerves. Usually if I forget a line or a word or something, the audience would never know, I just carry on, but at that gig I just couldn't. I forgot one word, then I forgot the line and then I forgot the verse - it was like, let's just start again. After probably the fourth time I was so near to tears I was like, 'Oh God, my career's over, I'm never going to sing again.'"

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UK R&B Star Jamelia Preps Wedding with Man She Dumped

Posten on: 2008-08-12 07:49:20

R&B singer Jamelia is wearing an enormous engagement ring and making plans for her wedding to footballer Darren Byfield next year, the man who she previously dump. There was speculation that their relationship stalled over allegations that Darren, the father of her youngest daughter, Tiani, had cheated on her. But the 27-year-old Jamelia told Fabulous magazine “It never happened, and it was certainly not the reason for the split.” "I know he never cheated on me. He wouldn’t. It’s just sad that there are desperate women out there whose mission in life is to sleep with a footballer. “We’d got to the stage in our relationship where nothing was terribly wrong but I still had questions. "I needed to end the relationship to find out what it would mean to be without Darren.” “Initially he rang me every day begging me to get back together with him. I just kept saying: ‘No’, that I needed time and space, but he kept on and on.” "Then he stopped calling me.” Three days passed and I didn’t hear from him. I panicked. I suddenly had a vision of my life without Darren. "I had to confront the idea that he was gone and that was it. Then I realized I could never be with anyone else and I would never find another man like him.” “When he did call, we were back on – and this time it’s forever.” The marriage proposal came in October when Darren popped the question in front of friends and family at his 31st birthday party.

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R&B Singer Jamelia Unhappy With Single Release Date

Posten on: 2008-08-08 06:57:49

Jamelia is unhappy with her record label's decision to release her comeback single on September 11. The R&B singer has complained that she will feel uncomfortable promoting her song ?Something About You? on the anniversary of the New York terror attacks (9/11). "When she found out the single was coming out on September 11 she was taken aback," a source told the Daily Star. "She's been having some time at home with her second daughter Tiana and feels really invigorated so she wants to get back to work, however the timing hasn't gone down well. "Jamelia doesn't think it's right to be going on TV and radio pushing a record that is coming out at a time when many people will be thinking of those who lost their lives in the New York tragedy." Preview Something About You and leave your comments below.

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