Jadakiss - Un-Hunh! lyrics

Errrr, here we go again

Uh, un-hunh

Uh, un-hunh

Uh, un-hunh

[DMX] Yeah, yo Kiss

[Jada] What up dog?

[DMX] These niggas running around here like they controling this shit

[Jada] No doubt

[DMX] Let's show these niggas how to take hold of this shit

[Jada] That's what I'm talkin about baby

[DMX] For real baby

[Jada] Let's get it on


I only gave you the crown so I could shoot it off your fuckin head

Yall niggas fuckin dead, you heard what the fuck I said

I talk shit cause I walk shit, start shit, New York shit

The hawk shit, spark shit, the dark shit

And it been that way, fuck how a nigga live it's gon' end that way

Niggas is part of a game that I don't play

Never catch dog carrying what I don't weigh

That's three 45s, one 38, 173 pounds straight out the gate

I don't hate, got no beef but knock a nigga off quick

And I'm mad like a bitch and a nigga with a soft dick

Get off this, fucking with X, but on some other shit

Why the fuck you fucking with X? You must be fucking with X

Go catch a chicken, fucking with me you gon' catch a whippen

[Chorus: Jadakiss & DMX]

Un-hunh, here we go again

Un-hunh, here we go again

Un-hunh, here we go again

Un-hunh, here we go again

Un-hunh, here we go again

Un-hunh, here we go again

Un-hunh, here we go again

Un-hunh, here we go again


Look don't try to apologize on your two way

Sympathy don't amuse me, go get your uzi

And let's make a real movie

Play bad guy and good guy til the hood die

Toast yall cowards

Now I know the reason why Pac ain't really like most yall cowards

Im'a show you how to swing the chrome for real

Dog this year we gon' bring it home for real

What you wanna bet the llama'll squash you

I been had a white fan base before the signing of Marshall

Boy Kiss is thorough, hit your girl

Put it all up her stomach til she earl

Yall niggas ain't nice ya lucky

So fuck it Im'a sell dope long as the price is lovely

And it ain't only the voice it's the bars of death

DMX and Jadakiss nigga guard ya chest



When is they getting off our dicks, them niggas is clowns

How many dogs you let go up, still getting down

Like 'face said, last of a dying breed

For stomach and I feed still trying to eat

Lead by greed that's when you fuck up

Yall niggas gonna know when we hungry, you get stuck up

(What what?)

What's up? Fuck a nigga yelling

Y-O motherfucker for real, yo Kiss tell 'em


Sheet could kill, stomp niggas out boot the grill

I'll give you a reason why I'm the truth for real

Niggas can't fuck with Kiss, I mean that

Had to stop eating red meat cause I ate too many Beanie-Macs

I'm not one of them niggas and since you so richeous

Don't make me send your ass to Ala quicker

Niggas gas you to force your hand

Realistically you just a worker and your boss is my man

[Chorus - 2X

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