Jadakiss - Shoot Outs lyrics

(feat. Styles P)</p>

<p>[Gun shots]

[Jada laughing] haha</p>

<p>Lets go

Feds in the precent looking at our picture

If rap dont work then were going to get it like i diss ya

I was told to ride with them niggaz that'll die witcha

Headed to O.T then bring some pies witcha

By ur man in lambo n tell to fly witcha

Or through them niggaz jewels

N tell them to shyne witcha

I shyne

U shyne

Like the southern western

U dont wanna fell the ghost

Or the kiss of death

Tubs still left up

Selling the sinks now

Pablo oscobar shit

Buying the clip now

Dead presidents shit

Robbing the bricks now

100 shot tommy gun

Hell of stink now</p>

<p>[Chorus x2]

J A D A cause the peel hollow the gun

To holla at sons

Y im that nigga yall know that

To holla at styles

The double r is coming 4 war what</p>

<p>[Verse two]

Yo talking about a quarter

And everything is bad for niggas know a days

So we drink a lot of water

Talking about ur so rich

Nigga ur so bitch

That ur parents proabably think they had a daughter

Yea we da boys that bring all the terror

We perserver thru all the errors

We lay niggas down wit all berrats

Everything in the bag


All your leathers

So u can act funny wit cha selfs

In the hood wit dope

Sex is still 20 after 12

A sign of the times

Kitchen cook thrity eight, thirty eight trays

That well remind u of the dimes</p>

<p>[Chorus x2]</p>

<p>Hustler artchapanors

Nething to do with the hood

Thats what we responsible 4

Back down

Knifing u up

Stomping u jaw

Bail a nigga out for stilling something out on a tour

And we make a technology to try to screw niggas

Im good as long as i hold a gun to kill a new nigga

Yall dudes wit nine lives

U got 1 life left

And controvorsory sells

But it aint like death

So pop him in his head till his brain start to fizz on him

I aint sell ma sole to the devil i bought his from him

Waiting on the day they say jesus gon come

So god bless u niggas cause im snezzing with ma gun


Bless u

U aint d block

Or double r nigga

No doubt ima stretch u

Im shot u back ten feet ima catchu

Real vodoo shit

Make sure i snap ur neck too

Thats a law on the aston marr

Lamborghini or the porsche with the crashing balls

Iced out

Or wear no ice at all

Hundred gs on the dice game

Lifes a ball

Listen up

If u real

Get real and state

We the best in the game that aint no real debate

And the never had aks peel they face

Cause its writing in the stars to consele thier fate

Time to escape</p>

<p>[Chorus x2]

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