Jadakiss - Real Hip Hop lyrics

(feat. Sheek)</p>

<p>[Swizz Beatz]

Swizz Beatz the monsta

Real music (real music) let's go</p>

<p>The hood's hot! (uh-huh, yeah) The hood's hot! (clap)

The hood's hot! (oh, yeah) The hood's hot (yeah, yeah)</p>

<p>[Verse One: Jadakiss]

Yo when I squirt the chrome the funeral home

gon' double they money this year off my work alone

So cool with it, yet and still I'm old school with it

Nobody gotta know who did it

Two-thirds of the L.O., where the X at?

Hoodie under the suit jacket, double-breast that

I'm in the hood like scratch-offs, get them packs off

Lame niggaz cuffin them whack whores

Use of the pick goin back door, no more for the fake

Just stand there and I'ma dish it back off

Might lay it up, might not

Niggaz don't be in the wrong place cause it's me in the right spot

I'm quite hot, y'all niggaz is quite pop

The record don't sell then I still got light rocks

Like wearin Timbs with Nike socks

And the lil' bit of money I did make I put it in light stocks</p>

<p>[Swizz Beatz]

Yeah, how y'all doin out there (Jada whattup nigga?)

How y'all doin out there? (It's your boy Sheek Louch nigga)

The hood's hot! (Thanks for invitin me on this track)

The hood's hot!</p>

<p>[Verse Two: Sheek Louch]

Yo if my flow too tight, put the pressure on

Watch the juice come out like I'm squeezin a Sprite

Make big deals, get out on big bails

Shit, your career about as short as Amil's (ha ha)

Shit on niggaz like I had two tails (damn)

With enough bars to open four jails

If you don't know nigga, ask Madden

How I play with the hammer, in Manhattan

Shank up (yeah) niggaz leak enough blood

to fill a motherfuckin H-2 tank up

Getcha bank up (yeah) who you rank up

Get off his dick and get you a brick (woo!)

We done seen every John Woo flick

So act like The Killer instead of some chick (bitch)

Fuck a pimp cup, get a plastic one (no doubt)

Put some 'gnac in that shit and go and get it done</p>

<p>[Swizz Beatz]

How y'all doin out there? (You know what they want right)

How y'all doin out there? (They want that gangsta shit from us daddy)

The hood's hot! (So let that shit hit you)

The hood's hot!</p>

<p>[Verse Three: Sheek]

Me and 'Kiss hot like lava (no doubt)

We got sons in the game and we don't need Maury to know who the father

If we don't know you, your bars ain't big enough (nah)

You need a gimmick, go run around the block with Puff

Get a Black Phone, rent some of Jigga's stuff

I'm like T-Dub, you wanna be dubbed (no doubt)

I was there when a lil' nigga re'd up

You ain't Willie, you just act G'd up</p>


Yeah, uh, yo

I branched out, so you can get the deez

In the glass seam bags you can pull the stamps out

Nigga the champ's out, we don't rock loud colors

We pop loud guns nigga to stand out

You know what it is kid, your man got the money in his crib

Then we gon' go in your man's house

Double R D-Block nigga the camp's out

Can't forget about Swizz, he blowin the amps out, what?</p>

<p>[Swizz Beatz]

How y'all doin out there?

How y'all doin out there?

The hood's hot!

The hood's hot!

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