Jadakiss - Nasty Girl lyrics


I need a good girl

I need a good girl

I need a good girl

[Verse I]

Eyes all chinky

She be coming through in the new Cadillac Escalade on twinkies

Ma got a perfect face, brilliant ass

Her hands and her feet look like a mill in cash

I love when I call and she still in class

Instead of down in Bloomingdales stealing bags

And you know ya man Jada shoot through the hood

She look so good that the chickenheads can't hate her

Ever seen a dime? she a hell-a one

Still make her hop out and cop me a dutch, a vanilla one

Taught her how to murda the highway

Put her up on mean shoes like Roberto Cavale'

Even though she look real ill in the Gucci

Now you might catch her in Amilio Puchi

Since she a good girl that attend college

I don't let her give me brain I just let her give me knowledge

[Hook 2X: Carl Thomas]

She's a good, good, good, good girl

Such a real fine lady and a lucky girl

I don't want no nasty girl

I don't want no nasty girl

[Verse II]

I'ma show you the kiss of life sorta like Sade

G-class 5, the seats go sideways

Wit the see-through roof, OOF!

Rims so big they leave dents in the highway

My good girl ride wit me

She take over the wheel everytime I pull over to piss

She shake it up in the club when I'm over them hips

Waking up to the turkey bacon over the grits

Orange juice and the newspaper over the clips

Later on she gon hook up spaghetti

She ain't worried 'bout Herm S shit she got it already

She said she knew about the game cause her father was heavy

Then she asked could she borrow the Chevy

I could zoom in the jag

She going shopping need room for the bags

I sped off in the joint like it's Raspy's world

Cause (I don't want no nasty girl)


[Verse III]

She's a good girl, I love her for that

She got mad dough, I love her for that

Her moms is cool, I think her lil' brother a rat

Everything else is straight though other than that

She dont play no games, I love her for that

Or hang wit no dames, I love her for that

I told her roll for dolo, leave the chicks

Attitude, reflex leadership

And the sex is incredible, I love her for that

How she fit me in her schedule, I love her for that

And she like making love by the lake for hours

Or just chillin' on the block, on a crate for hours

This Jadakiss, and Timbaland

This is Raspy's world

And I don't want no nasty girl


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