Jadakiss - Knock Yourself Out lyrics

I'm takin it right there - they leave me no choice

AOWWWWW!! Uh, uh, oh

[Verse One]

She said she was a model for a year and a half

And if she took her pins out,

then her hair would drop down to her calf

I knew her man, he was just up North

and would've got left up North, but he was the chef up North

Anyway I'm K-I-double

All I do is get dough, spit flows, try to stay out of trouble

If you ready we could move, just lose your man

or hit the dance floor, I'll show you how to do my dance

Or I might let you play in the garden

Or sit up in that white thing and listen to the greatest of Marvin

The estate got six locations

Take so long to get to the front once I missed probation

And I hate to brag

I know ya man really wouldn't like the Beretta but he'd hate the Mag

And yeah here go a blank check, rock yourself out

But in the mean time girl - knock yourself out


Oh you modelin momma? (knock yourself out)

Wanna let ya hair down? (knock yourself out)

Oh you ready to move? (knock yourself out)

Whatchu wanna sit in the Coupe? (knock yourself out)

Wanna keep on dancin? (knock yourself out)

Wanna run in my mansion? (knock yourself out)

Sit in V.I.P.? (knock yourself out)

Bitch you just wanna be seen (knock yourself out)

[Verse Two]

Now you can knock yourself out like you boxin yourself

Or you can get real freaky start poppin yourself

And my watch got so many rocks, when you look at the time

it's sorta like you watchin yourself, uhh

Front if you want, I puff a few blunts

and take a cruise in a Porsche wit the trunk in the front

She had the Jocko B'sure sandals, told her hop in

The coupe blew her mind when she couldn't find the door handles

Attitude very high maintence; check this out ma

I'm runnin out of my patience

Don't sleep wit me? Then don't speak wit me

And neva talk bad bout niggaz that eat wit me


[Verse Three]

Aiyyo, honey know I'm waitin to leave

Keep dancin, cause I like how that ass shake in them capris

I'm like Big wit the murder mamis up in Belize

but I'll still fuck a chickenhead like Lil' Cease

I don't care if they model, bet they all gon' chill

First nigga to cook base on a Foreman grill

And you might win some, but you just lost one

Kiss Miseducates 'em like Lauryn Hill

[Chorus - (Fades

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