Izit - 5 Years Old

(Tony Colman/Chriss Goss)<br />

I'm going home, don't want to play<br />

You're all much older than me<br />

And I'm too young to stay<br />

Been up too long, it's getting dark<br />

You were supposed to look after me<br />

Instead, you left me on my own<br />

Looking for my father<br />

Looking for my mother<br />

But then I realise<br />

I'm twenty-five years old<br />

I'll take you home, put you to bed<br />

You're so much younger than me<br />

Rest your little head<br />

We've been too far<br />

We learned too much<br />

We sailed the seven seas today<br />

And felt the magic touch<br />

I'm looking in the mirror, I feel important and wise<br />

But then I realise,<br />

I'm only five years old<br />

Submitted by Gernot Hueller

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