Izakaron - Cold Kingdom


Is this on? (Clear THroat)

Hello Hip-Hop, It's me, your boy Bow Wow nah mean?


I say,

I sip my zirp (I sip my zirp), I'm grown as hell (I'm grown as hell), Who you gon' tell (who you gon' tell nigga?)


Hello hip-hop your baby brother gotten older now (Yep!)

HEllo hip-hop you see your baby brother hanging out (Yeahhh),

Hello hip-hop your baby brother gettin' hoes now, (Wooo)

Bow Wow just done bought the bar the club owner can't kick me out (no)

Better check my I.D. where I be,

Better check my I.V 'cause my flow is S.I.C.K. and I be icy and I know why ya'll 'ont like me (why?)

'cause ya'll think I'm some youngin' but cho daughter, yo sister, and yo girl wanna fuck me.

Now that's three generations not no puppy at all.

Trick you just met me yo can't pet me unless you sucking me off

Your man is a flee, and I am the big dog.

I scratch you off my balls with my muthafuckin' paws (yep!)

Ya'lls (ya'lls)

Niggas (niggas)

Better reconize and see where I'm coming from,

It's still east seven till I die (614 for columbus)

Fly (yep)

Flyer then a raven runnin' fresh up out that pound so never let me out that cage,

Now I'm gone.

I be in Houston sippin' lean (uh huh) I just left N.Y. and I pissed on every tree that I've seen, whatchu mean? (whatchu mean?)

See I don't care how old you is,

I got cho life time in my jeans,

Nigga money ain't a thing.

I pull out that wide out never had no nine till five (uh uh)

Bangin' Hip-Hop is my job it's okay if she slobs (aha)

Is you-did you? -did you hear what I said? "Bangin' hip-hop is my nine-five, it's okay if she slobs"

I share my girls,

Yep I share my girls.

I told ya'll man,

I'm a make ya'll niggas respect this,

I'm a make ya'll niggas respect my grind and my work ethic and what I produce,

Yeah? Yep.

And this L.B.DUB G.A.N.G Gang! Holla!

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