Ivyrise - Stuck Beneath The Ice

Verse 1

Isnt that a voice I hear, coming up from under me

coming up from underneath, you know x3

Wasn't that a face I saw, frozen up and out of sight

Frozen up beneath the ice, you know x3

Verse 2

Isn't that a crack I see, big enough to pull you through

big enough to rescue you, you know x3

Thought I'd try and pull you out, didn't think I'd slip or fall

you see I didn't think at all, you know x3


Is it me or are we insane? Stuck beneath the ice x2

How the will I now escape? Stuck beneath the ice x2

Verse 3

Never been this deep before, can't believe I fell right in

Can't believe I've got to swim, I know x3

Now I barely see her face, she said I had a heart of gold

Yeah but it was solid cold, I know x3

Chorus rpt

Are we insane can we escape, Stuck beneath the ice x2

(Thanks to Raphael for these lyrics)

Thanks to Angie for these lyrics

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