Ivyrise - Paris

Verse 1 Line up the stars and what do you see A picture of me or an image that's lost Turn down the heat and what do you get A slowing heartbeat frozen in time Verse 2 Line up the tides and what do you see A breaking wave of lost opportunity Turn up the heat and what do you find With quicker heartbeats comes a quickening of time Chorus 1 Take a hint now, I took your heart out You didn't need it and couldn't feel it You're feeling empty but now there's plenty more If only I had made it finally to you Verse 3 Turn up the sound that pierces through A crashing symbol when a whisper will do Line up the waves on top of the sea Horizons changing like its changing scenery Chorus 2 Middle 8 This odyssey has left me downing in the sea It's times like these that bring a city to its knees So why not just cry Why not just cry (Thanks to Rafael for these lyrics)

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