Ivyrise - Disguise

Verse 1 The only vision i had in my mind was indecision Blocking me from stopping time My watch was wrong my time had gone Take a break now from asking me why ever wearing masks Is not enough to hide Don't be fooled by our disguise Chorus 1 I tell you something, my halo has gone Left with nothing this sorrow goes on A broken arrow has pierced through my skin It's time to give in Verse 2 The only mission we undertook right was making Honest lovers join their evil side And shoot each other in their backs Innocent hearts and innocent minds are easy targets Angels prey upon at night Son don't be fooled by their disguise Chorus 2 Don't get caught in the middle or something will swallow you If you thought it was simple well some things are hard to do If you're feeling at ease it's because somebody believes in you, because somebody believes in you (Thanks to Rafael for these lyrics)

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