Iris - Ploaia de vise

(Verse 1)

seems like the more the days go by

the less i miss you by my side

lately you've been carrying on

i never seen you act this way

all this cause i came home late

i thought you had more faith in us, faith in this


if you had just talked to me,

you would know how much i care

instead you chose to be

insecure and complicated


how could you do me like that

had your back when things got twisted

no you aint got it like that with me

cause im the queen

and if you dont recognise im the most high

and if you dont realise im the most high

(Verse 2)

no matter how much i did for you (you will never notice me)

you never take me out for dinner (you was always too busy)

i wanted that someone to take your time and space

but you leave a girl tripping,

now your baby girls slipping




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