Iris - Lady in black (doamna in negru)


(My-my-my girl)

Well, let me tell you 'bout a girl who's finer than fine

She used to be somebody else's, now she's mine

All the fellas said, "Spoonie, don't mess with that"

But it's been a year, and I still go by to see her

It ain't the perfume, well, it's just her

She got the greatest respect for me

She calls me Mr. Gee

And I reply, so fella, hey

No need to try, so you might as well stay away

You spend your money on my girl winin dinin

You're never gettin her back, so ain't no sense in me lyin

To you, what I'ma do? Well, our star did not tell

I took her out one night and I rocked her well

Now she's my girl

Now she's my only girl and you know that's true

But personally it was the right thing to do

To her, cause she was so fine and I was so kind

That when I asked the young lady, she said she didn't mind

Doin what I want, as long as it felt good

Well, you know without a doubt I did the best I could

When I wanted to leave, she wouldn't let me out

For some unknown reason told her friends all about

Me, she even said I was the best she had

But it could not be, if you didn't treat her bad-

ly now you pretend that you love her so

Tell my friends that you want the girl back, but no

Way, gave her diamonds, I gave her pearls

And not to mention that I gave her my love

And that's why she's my girl

Now I'm the type of guy to make a girl feel good

And in return the young lady does the same, well should-

n't she? One hand washes the other, both wash the face

And as a matter of fact she's tas-

ty, keeps my feelin like I never did before

My favorite words to the girl is 'more

please', keeps me smilin, she keeps me feelin

Man, so good, if I was sick, she'd be my healin

My friend, my girl, soon to be my wife

And then she'll be mine for a life-

Time, for now she's my girl

Now sometimes we fuss, sometimes we fight

But we make everything alright before night-

time, no fussin, no time for fightin

There's plenty good lovin, she's so excitin

She's got me doin things that I never did

Like flushin that stuff like a little kid

But no bedtime stories like Jack & Jill

Takes two to get a pail of water, be for real

If I climb any mountain, it'll be for fun

Not in order to get water, cause to me that's dumb

Without a stop I reach the top, and I won't fall down

Only to get busy if a girl's around

Now that I told you all about my girl

As you can see MC Spoonie Gee's the only one can do it

You say 'what?' well, I say satisfy

That pretty young lady, if you don't believe me try

It, with my girl

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