Iris - Doar un sarut

[Louis Logic]

Perfectionist rhymer

It's only cause I'm such a dick you always find me next to vagina

And people like, "This fuckin' kid's just as sick as sex with a minor!"

Sensitive whiners, just tryna censor my line up

My CD is diseased, please be cautious

Cause each queasy chorus will leave ya nauseous

Each verse is equipped with evil forces

For teachin' your kids how to be remorseless

All of ya high horses, please get off it

If you don't like my songs you can eat my sausage

And I got a set of meatballs you'd need a forklift...

To reach to your lips just to feed your orifice

Indecent authors of the world unite

Run to the video store and rent "Kiss the Girls" tonight

Read "American Psycho"

And Mein Kampf, learn how to build a time bomb

It's easy gettin' a rifle

Start up a revolution or practice an execution

Whatever you're doin', don't be another contented human

Who wakes up in the mornin' yawnin'

Pourin' another coffee when you should be out puttin' your boss in a coffin

Cause no matter how often you break the law,

Take the Lord's name in vain, or rape some whore

Say no more, cause you haven't had a loose screw yet

Lou's cassette will send you right over the cuckoo's nest


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