Iris - Casino

and so darling for once please get clean for me nothing else left i can say when i refuse to say words that won't break through to you deny when you see me lie when you tell me i'm wrong it seems good and fine to you the drugs that you're doing are bad and i wish it was easier for me to say please girl stop using don't run away run along to a world that won't lie to you trust you and get drawn into your eyes

there are places that take you in its not some drug rehab its what i've been trying to say this world has lost faith in you for the promises that you have made but there's still a place that believes in you just close your eyes make believe that this world will come true the pain that you feel is gone vices in life fade away and there's no more pain no more drugs no more lies no need to worry cause I'm standing here by your side where no harm will come to you don't you see your trust is safe with me of course you must get here first no need for directions allow me to show you the way do you know the way to san jose? let me show you the way do you know where to turn when you do wrong? that's why i'm singing this song.

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