Iris - A fost o data

We declare we like to share our welfare with the third world states, but what we really do is trying to decive them and controll them finacially. Plans and directions has carefully went through all those profitncalculations paying no attention to righteousness and respec,t for another human intellect. It may seem as we try to help making things a little better in the world. But its all planned so in the end were the ones who gain it all. And no noe gives a fuck if its based on human lives. Inviting ourselves, transforming their crops into highly productive industrial parks, and like slaves they have to work growing peanuts for our Friday TV-night. No progress in sight. Even if we restart our planet earth I'm quite sure we would make the same misstakes again. We still would be fighting for money and pride without any sense of morality. Even though i have dreams of unity and peace a life where class and race won't even find a way. But in this self centered world no one has time to hear what i say.

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