Invertigo - Desensitized

when i reachout, you move away from my hands

you're never telling me why

we make time to spend

time you forget and the days are just passing us by

when i ask you, you never understand it

you don't know what you haven't done

and when i try to explain it, it sounds like a complaint


Is there a fire if you don't see the smoke?

we can't get higher if you don't let it go

how did your heart ever get like that?

how did someone ever hurt so bad?

that you can't see it

you've been kicked inside

you're desensitized

how did you're heart ever get so cold?

how did someone ever get so clos

that you just don't know

how it feels inside

you're desensitized

I wanna believe that it's a phase you go through

that only gets harder to tell

and sometimes I think, it's an easier thing to believe

that there's somebody else

whatever they did / whatever they said

you know it's much better just to run and forget

whatever it was / whoever's to blame

you know you can let yourself be feeling again

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