Incubus Go A Cappella At Weenie Roast


Members of rock group Incubus stole the show at Saturday's KROQ-FM Weenie Roast y Fiesta in Irvine, California by hitting the stage with a 14-piece a cappella choir. Front man Brandon Boyd and band mate Mike Einziger stunned 16,000 rock fans when they joined the tuxedoed members of Ithacappella on stage for a quirky version of the rock band's hit Dig.

The odd collaboration was a last minute effort, which came about when Boyd saw the a cappella group performing Dig on When scheduled act The Killers were forced to pull the plug on their Weenie Roast show due to front man Brandon Flowers' ongoing illness, the Incubus singer decided the time was right to perform with the a cappella act.

He tells MTV News, "There was another band with a lead singer named Brandon and he got sick, so they called another band with a singer named Brandon because that's kind of the theme they were going for."

Saturday's Weenie Roast also featured performances by a new-look Korn, Queens of The Stone Age, Linkin Park and Interpol, who were forced to cut their set short due to equipment problems.